No Results Elections: U.S. May Cover Mass Riot

No Results Elections: U.S. May Cover Mass Riot

On the third day after the presidential election in the United States, the main result is still missing. The winner is still not named. During the night of November 4 to 5, there were no significant changes in the race for the presidency. The result still depends on a few states that have not yet completed the counting of ballots sent by mail.

The scales are fluctuating, and artificially they are fluctuating in favor of Joe Biden. To win, incumbent President Donald Trump needs to win a majority in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Alaska. Trump is absolutely leading only in the state of Alaska and is expected to win an undisputed victory there.

The Democrat candidate ex-Vice-President Joe Biden will only need to get the majority in Arizona and Nevada. Traditionally, the Republican (late Senator McCain) Arizona now favors Biden. Arizona has not voted for a Democrat president since 1996. But in 2020, local Latins are pulling on the Democrats’ side in elections. The scales in Arizona, after counting 88%, are fluctuating and in favor of Trump.

The Democrats wanted an obvious victory over Trump before midnight on election day. They needed it. But in practice, Biden and the Democrats now have an unresolved outcome that undermines the legitimacy of the election and the American system as a whole. The overall conclusion on the U.S. media election is that Biden is doing worse than expected, and Trump’s results are exceeding expectations. Losing the Senate highlights Biden’s limited achievement.

All the polls and their results, published on the eve of voting day and promising a 10-12% gap between candidates in favor of Biden, were false and used to influence the will of voters.

Now social network Twitter started to openly censor Trump’s statements, marking Trump’s tweets as unreliable.

Trump was obviously the winner at the end of election night, the usual U.S. time for vote counting. But after counting the mailed ballots, the “red mirage” began to dissipate – somewhere fast, somewhere slow.

Now Trump’s opponents are shouting, “Joe Biden has restored the ‘Blue Wall’ in the Midwest. By the morning of November 4 in the U.S. the ratio in the key states of the Midwest – Wisconsin and Michigan has changed from Trump prevalence to Biden prevalence. At the same time, the fracture here was recorded immediately after the start of counting the votes submitted by mail. On the election maps, Wisconsin and Michigan almost simultaneously changed the red color of the Republicans to blue Democrats. On November 4 at 16.50 in Washington, the largest TV channels Fox News and CNN reported about Biden’s victory in Wisconsin and Michigan, though counting of votes there continues. Now, after counting 99% of the votes, Biden has a 0.7% advantage over Trump in Wisconsin with 20 thousand votes. Trump’s headquarters will require a recount of the votes in Wisconsin. Donald Trump said he considered himself a winner in the state of Michigan. Trump’s electoral headquarters has filed a lawsuit to suspend the counting of votes in Michigan.

Trump’s winning score in Georgia slowed down. During the day from November 4 to the morning of November 5 in Georgia, vote counting increased by only 4 percent – from 94 percent to 98 percent. Trump is ahead of Biden in Georgia by 23 thousand votes. Until the last moment, the media hostile to Trump prophesied his defeat in Georgia through a mail vote in Atlanta. Trump accused his opponents of ballot stuffing in Georgia. His campaign headquarters filed a lawsuit to stop the counting of votes in that state.

On the surface, it looks like the vote count in Georgia and North Carolina is being artificially held back so as not to declare victory here Trump. For the day, the vote count actually stopped at 94% in North Carolina. Trump is ahead of Biden here by 80 thousand votes – 50.1% against 48.7%. North Carolina accepts ballots within nine days of an election, subject to a postage stamp on the envelope, with the date of November 3, the voting day.

In Nevada, without any explanation from the authorities, the counting of votes in presidential elections was suspended until November 5. In Nevada, the gap between Biden and Trump is minimal – only half a percent (8 thousand votes) in favor of a Democrat candidate. In Nevada, 74% of the votes were counted, and the situation here looks favorable for Trump during further counting.

Of all the oscillating states, the least number of votes were counted in Pennsylvania, where Trump still has some advantage. On Wednesday afternoon it was more than 379.5 thousand votes. Now the difference between Trump and Biden is already 164 thousand votes, and the gap is slowly shrinking. By the morning of November 5, 89% of the votes were counted in Pennsylvania, 50.7% for Trump, and 48.1% for Biden. Under Pennsylvania state law, if the gap is less than half a percent, a recount must be made.

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In Pennsylvania, over 3 million requests for voting by mail were submitted. It is claimed that 63% of them were made by supporters of the Democrats. In Pennsylvania, absenteeism cards are accepted within three days of election day. That is, voting in the state continues as if after election day. The Supreme Court has granted extensions of absenteeism in Pennsylvania and New York.

Trump’s headquarters filed a motion to suspend the counting of votes in Pennsylvania, demanding that its observers be given better access to the polling stations where the count is being conducted. Trump’s campaign headquarters is preparing for a legal dispute over Pennsylvania.

Republicans have filed hundreds of lawsuits, the vast majority of them before polling stations close on Tuesday. Joe Biden’s team has already engaged pre-arranged teams of lawyers in Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan to prepare for the lawsuits and has asked citizens for donations for legal costs. The Biden Election Lawyers Committee has held a series of conference calls in recent days to discuss the allocation of hundreds of lawyers’ resources.

Trump argued for several months that voting by mail would involve tampering with ballots. Postal voting is a convenient platform for voter fraud. Votes can be counted until the twentieth of November. This is to delay the time to be able to challenge the result.

The USPS Postal Service refused to investigate the location of 300,000 missing ballots.

In a situation of uncertainty and mutual non-recognition of the election results, the U.S. may be plagued by unrest. The British Guardian jokes: “If Trump wins the election, Trump wins ‘trampoline’, but if Trump loses the election, Trump wins ‘trampoline’. A strong movement in support of Donald Trump makes the threat of violence on the streets of the United States very real now. The first outbreak of street violence has already occurred in Portland, Oregon.

According to preliminary estimates, the turnout in the last U.S. elections was the highest in 120 years (!). According to the US Election Project, it was 66.9 percent.

According to some estimates, a record number of 150 million or even more voters will participate in the current elections, given the active early voting.

Biden won a record number of votes. The Democrat candidate broke the previous record set by Barack Obama in 2008. Then about 69.5 million Americans voted for Obama, and now more than 70 million voters have voted for former Vice President Biden.

But Biden, if he wins, he wins conditionally under radically limited circumstances. Biden looks like a loser, even if he wins. This is confirmed by the Democrats’ “dull speech” at the reelection to Congress. On November 3 the Americans also re-elected 435 members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate.

As a result, the Democrats retained their majority in the House of Representatives but lost six seats.

In the Senate, representatives of the Democratic Party managed to reduce the majority held by Republicans from 53 to 52 out of 100 votes. The leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, the most influential American politician Mitch McConnell was re-elected to Kentucky for a new term. The Republicans lost two seats in the Senate: in the state of Colorado and in Michigan. In Alabama, Democrats lost a senator seat.
The Senate is the most important chamber of Congress. Without it, Biden, if elected president, will be bound to promote his legislation and elect supreme judges.

* * *

Here is the further scheme of the election of the president of the USA. By December 8, 2020, the states must resolve any voting disputes and confirm the winner. If the state does not complete the counting of votes by that date, Congress is not obliged to accept the results in the college of electors.

The voting of the college of electors will take place on December 14. The candidate who received the majority of 538 votes (not less than 270) will become the President.

On January 6, 2021, Congress will count the votes of electors and announce the winner.

On January 20, 2021, the inauguration will take place. The new president and vice president will be sworn in by the U.S. Capitol in Washington.