North Korea launched rockets at sea off the coast of the Korean Peninsula | TOP-NEWS

North Korea launched rockets at sea off the coast of the Korean Peninsula

This was the third launch complex missile launches conducted by Pyongyang this month.

The Japanese coast guard and South Korean military reported Saturday that North Korea fired two shells toward the Eastern sea, which landed outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

Short-range missiles were fired from the North of Pyongyang, according to the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea (ACS).

“Such military actions by North Korea’s highly inappropriate at a time when COVID-19 causes difficulties throughout the world,” said the JCS calling for an “immediate cessation”.”

Nuclear power has conducted similar launches in two cases in March. Japan stated that these shells apparently were ballistic missiles.

The last three starts have occurred as a delayed break in the disarmament negotiations with the United States. Both Washington and Beijing urged Pyongyang to stop its nuclear and missile programs and return to negotiations.

Pyongyang was banned from testing ballistic missiles with UN resolutions, and international sanctions are intended to deter him from continuing to develop its missiles.

International worries about North Korea have increased in 2019 after the country imposed a year-end deadline for the United States to offer an easing of sanctions, and threatened to send a “Christmas gift”, which is widely regarded as a test of weapons if its demands are not met.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in his message of January 1, said that in the near future the world will see a “new strategic weapon”.

The President of the United States Donald Trump demanded that North Korea to abandon all its nuclear weapons and production facilities in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

North Korea also announced that it will hold a session of its legislature-the Supreme people’s Assembly. Analysts say that it will require to collect nearly 700 of the country’s leaders in one place, even if the coronavirus spread around the world.

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