Norway expels Russian diplomat over spy scandal

By | August 19, 2020
Norway expels Russian diplomat over spy scandal

The Russian committed actions incompatible with his role and diplomatic status, according to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.
Norway’s foreign ministry announced the decision to expel a Russian diplomat after meeting with a Norwegian citizen who had been recruited. This is reported by NRK with reference to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

Diplomats decided not to reveal the name of the deported Russian. But it is known that he worked in the trade department of the Russian Embassy.

According to NRK, the Russian Embassy was informed of the announcement of its employee persona non grata on Tuesday afternoon, August 18. He was given 72 hours to leave Norway.

Russia will react on the principle of reciprocity to Oslo’s decision to expel a Russian diplomat, according to Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs.

“I have no doubt that in this case, as always, the Russian side will clearly uphold the principle of reciprocity,” Kosachev said in a comment to Interfax.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a man had been detained in Norway on suspicion of passing on information to foreign intelligence. He was arrested during a meeting with a Russian diplomat in Oslo.

A native of India, Norwegian citizen Harsharn Singh Tatgar during interrogation confirmed that he passed information to a Russian diplomat and received money from him. He was charged with disclosing state secrets and was taken into custody for four weeks.

The suspect has been working for DNVGL (DetNorskeVeritas) ship certification company since 2012. They said that Harsharn Singh Tatgar worked in 3D printing and had no access to classified data

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