Not only the pilot’s mistake: In the death of passengers in Sheremetyevo allowed “a set of factors”

A source in the Mac reported on when the interim report on the plane crash in Sheremetyevo will be published, noting that it will include both an analysis of the flight and an assessment of the actions of the crew and ground services. The interlocutor admitted that it can be not only about the pilot’s error but also about the “set of factors”.

“The investigators do not yet have data to talk about the causes of the accident,” – said a source in the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), adding that it is impossible to assess the correctness of the actions of pilots, ground services and other participants in the tragedy in Sheremetyevo, where 5 may when landing burned Sukhoi Superjet 100, flying flight Moscow – Murmansk. The victim of the disaster was 41 people.

We will remind, the main versions of the state of emergency at a consequence while three. Including pilot error. But a source in the poppy admitted that the death of the ill-fated flight could lead to “a set of factors”.

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Now, we will remind, decoding of “black boxes” is conducted. And the day before the details of the negotiations between the aircraft commander and dispatchers, as well as what happened after the fire landing, became known.

“The information from the voice recorder is copied and is to be deciphered,” the interlocutor from the Committee reminded. “The situation is more complicated with the parameter, as this box is damaged.”

But here experts still hope to get the necessary data from it.

According to the interlocutor of the media, in 30 days from the date of the crash of the Superjet, an interim report on this plane crash should appear. The document will include not only an analysis of the SSJ-100 flight but also an analysis of the actions of the crew and ground services.

“On the basis of these data, the causes and perpetrators will be established,” the source in Maca explained to TASS, adding that such tragic events occur “because of a combination of factors.”