Nuclear shield won’t save, Russia and US are preparing for Star Wars: expert

By | July 16, 2020
Nuclear shield won't save, Russia and US are preparing for Star Wars: expert

The test of the “small spacecraft”, which was announced on the eve of the Russian Ministry of Defense, was an important step in ensuring the country’s defense capability, Oleg Ponomarenko, an expert at the Center for Strategic Conjuncture, told EADaily. New developments in the field of military space can disable the control of nuclear weapons of any state, he said.

According to the military expert, new technologies of weapons in the field of space, related to potential “Star Wars”, are now under special secrets in Russia, the United States and other countries. There is unconfirmed information that China and India also have mini-satellites, but so far neither Beijing nor Delhi have officially announced this.

“We understand that the development of technology allows us to make more and more diverse samples of specialized equipment that can be used in the space industry. Today, there are already many autonomous systems with compact dimensions. It is not customary to talk about this, but it is already quite clear that many of these systems can operate in space for military purposes, ”Ponomarenko said.
He noted that the United States has accumulated considerable experience in this direction. The Boeing X-37 created there (the Americans have two such devices) has been in orbit for about seven years, it is characteristic that the mini-shuttle can not only engage in reconnaissance activities but also deliver small spacecraft to high altitudes and return from them.
Nuclear shield won't save, Russia and US are preparing for Star Wars: expert
“The mission with which the Americans use the Boeing X-37 is still unknown. It claims that some of its functions are civilians, but it can be used for other purposes. The last time it was launched into orbit just in order to launch mini-satellites into orbit. I do not have reliable information about the capabilities and functions of the Russian small spacecraft, but it can be assumed that the directions of development in different countries may coincide, ”said Ponomarenko.
The expert said that the main goal of the latest space developments in both the United States and Russia may be so that in the event of a military conflict, it would be possible to secure your state and strike an effective blow at the enemy’s armed forces.

“By neutralizing someone else’s satellite, you can deprive the enemy of the main functions – observation and the ability to exchange information. Without a good satellite signal, tanks, aircraft, aircraft carriers and even groups of ordinary military personnel can become useless and vulnerable. And most importantly, with the help of new space developments, it is possible to influence the missile attack warning system and disable nuclear weapons control. The same Americans rightly believe that the military-space group is of decisive importance for the conduct of hostilities, ”Ponomarenko stressed.
According to the RF Ministry of Defense, on July 15, a successful test of the “small spacecraft” was carried out. With his help, one of the domestic satellites was examined at close range, as a result of which the military was able to obtain “valuable information about the technical condition of the object being inspected.” Other information about this device in the department was not provided.
Nuclear shield won't save, Russia and US are preparing for Star Wars: expert
Earlier, the US media reported that Moscow is working on a new type of anti-satellite weapon, which includes miniature satellites equipped with weapons. The first stage of the entire system in Russia is the MiG-31 interceptor fighter.