Nurmagomedov vs McGregor: who was supported in Russia

Irish mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor wants a fight-revenge after losing to Russian sportsman Habib Nurmagomedova. He informed the world about it through his Twitter. The reason for this desire can be money. For the latest battle in Las Vegas McGregor gets 3 million dollars. More than the winner — Nurmagomedov will get $ 2 million.

If the UFC organizes fight, it means that sports and political opposition of supporters of fighters will continue. Including within Russian society. It is no secret that many Russian fans of the mixed single combats supported the Irishman and against the representative of the country. Social networks are full of emotional explanations for this phenomenon.

The author of one of the posts writes: “Nurmagomedov positions himself as anything — as a Muslim, as a Dagestani, but never positions himself as a citizen of Russia… He enters the ring in a papakha and raises his index finger to the top. But never the Russian flag. Is it because radical Islam forbids speaking under any state symbols?”.

However, there are other opinions. “Our defeated theirs. Well, Dagestan is now playing hooky,” wrote the columnist of the “SP” Eduard Limonov on Twitter. Dagestan is really on a tear. Broadcast from the streets of Makhachkala reminded of Caucasian weddings. Many could not forgive McGregor’s defiant behavior on the eve of the match, including insults both to his Russian counterpart and his father.

Nurmagomedov in debt left and has translated correspondence dispute with McGregor in the political plane. “This guy (McGregor) talks about how they (the Irish) fought the British. But his grandfather, Christopher McGregor, served in the English Navy and killed your men. And now you support him,” he reproached the Irish fans.

— On the one hand, I like McGregor. It is like a real Irishman, — says journalist Timofey Ermakov. — I always support him when he fights somewhere. And when he fought with Mayweather, I was rooting for him. If he fought with the representative of any other country, for example, with the Belarusian, I would support the Irishman. But as the last duel was with the representative of Russia, I couldn’t support McGregor. Habib is ours.

“SP”: — Some here, in Russia, so not consider…

— Such a present. I saw it in the sports bar where I watched the fight. After the victory of Habib all happily went outside to smoke and with us came three “type”, all in runes, you can see that the right. And they answered to the congratulation with the victory of our soldier dropped, “You’re … (expletive — ed.) ” And left.

It symbolizes the folly of man. To divide people into black and white and because of that rooting against the country… This is well demonstrated by the guys from Moscow who went to fight in the battalion “Azov”. I know some of them. If only against Putin, against “Putin’s Russia”. They say that kill not Russians, and “plutoids”.

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“SP”: — do Not you think that the behavior of McGregor before the fight, for example, insults to the father of his opponent, looked, to put it mildly, unsportsmanlike…

— Yes, I agree that it was beyond. That’s when I knew McGregor would lose. He talked too much. The one who talks a lot is usually wrong. Emotionality suggests that the flight-design McGregor inharmonious. And he tried to correct this disharmony through emotions. And Habib just swallowed it all up, it pumped him up. He took the power from McGregor and quietly won. Like a warrior.

And most importantly, that Habib moved to emotional things only then, when won. Won and got beat all the rest of the team McGregor. I’m not against this approach, because the team of McGregor, and he said something that is not forgiven in Dagestan. Apparently, our adopted between themselves such decision in advance.

For example, McGregor touched father Nurmagomedov. And he is also his coach and the greatest. Although Habib said at the press conference that his father would scold him for fighting after the fight… No, his father would not scold him.

But the President of the Institute of national strategy Mikhail Remizov Nurmagomedov “our” does not consider.

— I do not know whether it is fair to talk about him as a Salafi, because it requires compliance with many rules and principles, but he definitely sees himself as a supporter of the integral version of his religion, in which preferential loyalty is possible only in relation to the world Islamic Ummah.

“SP”: — There rather Dagestan in priority…

— In addition, in the case of Nurmagomedov, we see loyalty associated with the pan-Caucasian ideology, which has a charm for a large part of young people, especially those engaged in sports martial arts. For whom the statement “the Caucasus is Russia” is based on the fact that the Caucasus is a force designed to dominate in Russia and reject what it does not like. In fact, to remake Russia for themselves.

In sports, it is shown very clearly when the representatives of this subculture booed the Russian national anthem at events and in other ways demonstrate their otherness.

According to the Deputy head of the International Eurasian movement Valery Korovin, the reason for the observed split in Russian society is the unsuccessful internal policy of the Kremlin.

— The key here is the issue of identity. That is, the Association itself with a particular social, ethnic or religious group. And this question reveals a deeper problem that Russia faces today because at some point we have reached a conceptual impasse of a misunderstanding of who we are. This is one of the main issues of our time in principle. There are works of many philosophers, including Western ones, who raise this issue.

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In this regard, I consider it a destructive attempt in Russia to create a unified identity of the so-called “Russians”, which are worn by liberals since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This concept of a political nation is itself Western, liberal. Against this melting pot, which is trying to drive a lot of identities, dissolving them in single biomass, and rise many traditional peoples, ethnic groups, cultures, languages, religious identities, of which woven the fabric of our statehood, which is Imperial.

Now we are faced with the reluctance of people to associate themselves with some abstract “Russians”, blurred political identity, which is United only by the flag, anthem, passport, and citizenship. It is a response to the erosion of organic natural identity as such. And the more we talk about the need to rally under the Russian flag, the more we push away from this emasculated simplified model of Russian statehood traditional components of which it was formed over the Millennium. This issue cannot be treated mechanically. Otherwise, we will continue to lose large parts of our state, as it is now happening in Ukraine, which in a more exaggerated form has tried to impose this universal political identity on top of the Directive rigidly, regardless of the linguistic, cultural and religious diversity of the space that we habitually still consider Ukraine. Russia, in principle, is on the same path, but only slowly and clumsily. Trying gradually to smooth out the obvious ending.

If we take the Russian majority, it is today that it is the injured party from the dissolution in the “rossiyanstvo”. Russians, as the largest nation, are lost in it, cease to exist as an organic community, becoming a kind of “cement” for gluing together a large country consisting of various ethnic and cultural fragments…

“SP”: — That is, everything depends on the policy of the state?

— In the case of Habib, we find a whole complex of systemic problems of the current Russian statehood, indifference to religious, cultural, ethnic forms, which are considered something overcome and unimportant.

“SP”: — What do you think is the way out?

— There is a way out, but we have not even approached it yet. This is the return of Russia to its traditional format — the format of the state-Empire. That is, the strategic unity of diversity, when all forms of identity are harmoniously combined under the shadow of continental unity, which deals only with issues of security, preservation of integrity, leaving the difference of forms at the mercy of peoples and ethnic groups that are legalized in the Empire and are its natural organic subjects. Russia has remained so for centuries.