Official: Huawei is transitioning to a single-chip platform MediaTek

By | May 20, 2020
This was stated by the head of the Honor Zhao Ming

This was stated by the head of the Honor Zhao Ming
Our assumptions are that in smartphones is Huawei proprietary single-chip system Kirin can appear MediaTek SoC, has been fully confirmed. This was stated today by the head of the Honor brand, and not the last person in the structure of Huawei Zhao Ming (Ming Zhao).

Today, China introduced the Honor smartphone X10 and then held a press conference with the head of the brand Zhao Ming (Ming Zhao). Of course, journalists could not ignore the recent rumor that the smartphone is SoC Huawei Kirin, with the production of which there have been great difficulties because of U.S. sanctions, will be used SoC MediaTek. Zhao Ming answered this question in the affirmative
According to a top Manager, MediaTek is a longtime partner of Honor, its platform was used in many products of the Chinese company: “Our strategy has always been like this. We will also use MediaTek SoC 5G in the future, and MediaTek has always been an excellent partner.”

In General, we can say that the US sanctions, which sets the production of single-chip HiSilicon Kirin platforms at any equipment which makes use of American technology, outside the law, have brought Honor and MediaTek cooperation to a new level. But Honor is just the beginning. As many smartphones of the brand are actually clones of models of Huawei, the Huawei smartphone will have a MediaTek SoC.

Platform MediaTek and so are used in some budget models of Honor, Play like 9A, but now we are talking about the transfer and mid-range MediaTek SoC, because while 5G is only the top SoC manufacturer – Dimensity 1000L, 1000, 1000 Plus and Density 820. And this is a completely different level of cooperation and volumes. According to preliminary estimates, released and paid orders for the SoC Kirin Huawei and Honor will last until the end of the year, so the first smartphones and the Huawei Honor mid-level (or even slightly higher) on SoC MediaTek logical to wait for fall.

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