Oil prices jumped to $ 36

By | April 2, 2020
Oil prices jumped to $ 36

Global oil prices jump tens of percent on Thursday evening after US President Donald Trump expressed the hope that Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation will reduce its production, according to trading data.
As of April 18, the price of June futures for North Sea Brent crude oil mix is ​​growing by 23.77%, to $ 30.62 per barrel, May futures for WTI crude oil are rising in price by 26.14%, to $ 25.62 per barrel. And minutes earlier, the price of Brent jumped 40% to $ 35.99 a barrel.

Earlier Thursday, Trump said he spoke with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and he spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the price of oil. The US President also expressed the hope that Saudi Arabia and Russia will reduce production by 10 million barrels.

Minutes later, Donald Trump wrote on his microblog Twitter that he hoped that Russia and Saudi Arabia could reduce production by 15 million barrels per day.

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