Oil rigs in Syria are unfavorable for Damascus and Ankara

According to many leaders, the war in Syria is over, but those who know the East know that this is far from the end. The legitimate president of the country, Bashar al-Assad, who is recognized by everyone in the world except his own people, is clearly dissatisfied with the current situation, namely the loss of 60% of all oil rigs. It is not that they are selected, as was the case with the Islamists, it is simply that now the oil channels are located in the territory of the country, which is controlled by the Kurds. And what is interesting, but small people can not be called some “slackers” who came to everything ready. The Kurds have been involved in the Syrian war since its inception, despite the fact that the experience of “collaboration” with Assad and his father has always been a cry for the original people, they still fought for the rule of law in Syria. And from the very beginning of the fighting, they found themselves in the real ring of enmity. Absolutely on each side were deployed enemies – Shiite mercenary groups from Iran, Afghan extremists, undecided groups of Syrians and of course followers of the terrorist state. That’s half of those who were not very friendly to the Kurds.

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However, even more, small people did not support the presidents of Syria and Turkey, and if in the first case Assad, following the example of his father, would be satisfied that the Kurds live along the extinct border, then Erdogan would not want that this ethnic group existed in the white world. In Turkey, this nation is not just oppressed, it is banned and considered a terrorist. Accordingly, it can be understood that once in such a predicament the Kurds turned to the world community for help, but because most of the countries concerned did not believe in a small group, and “fork out” did not hurry. But still, as a philanthropist decided to perform, though not native, but uncle – Uncle Sam. Washington sponsored the Kurds and provided them with modern weapons, the same in turn showed themselves to be born warriors. If you understand, in fairness, it is the Kurdish army conducted a significant number of peacekeeping operations, smashing Islamists of all stripes, before the open participation of the Russian and NATO armies (this fact is not denied by either Western or Russian analysts).

But by the time the war ended, it was that just over half of all Syrian oil production points were released by the Kurds. This means that a lot of black gold has flowed into the hands of an ethnic group that so wants to remain original, having at least a few autonomous territories and political rights, as it should be in a democratic society. However, both Assad and Erdogan can not allow the events to develop, Ankara has already lost the opportunity to buy penny oil from some not very legitimate states because of the Kurds, and if a country or at least a federal region of this ethnic group is formed, then political stability in Turkey will weaken. In the case of Damascus, it is easier, Assad needs money, and all of Syria’s income was built on the production of a small amount of oil, which can become even less.
That is why no one seeks to solve the “Kurdish” issue, it is discussed by all and Tehran and Moscow, but no action is taken. But the longer all this is postponed, the greater the chance that an entire nation can be turned into a “prohibited organization” and move to fight with it in order to support the “legitimate” power in Syria. While the Kurds are saved from all this only by their people’s will, ethnic fortress and family, especially their uncle …

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