Oil sufferings of the Baltic States

The Kremlin sneezed — in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania immediately broke gasoline crisis owners of the Baltic States are grieving: the price of gasoline in these countries jumped to heaven. In Tallinn on the column Circle K and 95-octane gasoline costs 1,407 euros (about 100 Russian rubles!) per liter, diesel – 1,357 euros per liter. In Riga, respectively, 1,344 euros and 1,274 euros. In Vilnius — 1,19 and 1,114.

In fact, the price of gasoline in the Baltic States and so were high, and the growth in recent days was in Tallinn 0.9% for gasoline and 1.6% for diesel fuel, in Riga 0.8% and the same 0.8%. In Vilnius — 1.8% and 0%.

In the Lithuanian capital, the prices for gasoline and diesel fuel are lower, as there is a former Soviet oil refinery, the only one in the Baltic States — in Mazheikyai. The plant of Soviet construction in 1979, albeit modernized, was joined by the oil terminal in the village of Butinge.

In Latvia and Estonia, the USSR did not build such plants, so they are not there at all. But more prosperous in this regard, Lithuania even with his company managed to screw up. Before the oil, there was on the oil pipeline “Friendship”. But Vilnius, having decided to privatize its oil complex, that is, mainly the mažeikiai oil refinery, now called “Mažeikių NAFTA”, categorically refused to Russian enterprises, including LUKOIL. And in 1999, the American company Williams international became a strategic partner of Lithuania, and in fact the owner of the oil refinery “Mažeikių Nafta”. She was insolvent, managed to do on the gasoline business debts and left Lithuania.

By the way, the career of Lithuanian politician Rolandas taxes, who was elected President of this country in 2003, began with a protest against the deal. He was Prime Minister and resigned in protest. When he became President — took up the investigation suspiciously disadvantageous for Vilnius transfer of the oil complex to the Americans.

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The government of Lithuania then for some reason gave Williams international a loan of several million dollars — despite the fact that handed her an extremely profitable business at the time, increased customs duties on the import of fuel to Lithuania, undermining the capabilities of competitors of the American company. What about the new partners from overseas?

They promised to bring mažeikių NAFTA to the world level in 2002 but failed to build relations with the main oil suppliers — Russian companies. As a result, the damage to the Republic from such “privatization” of the enterprise amounted, according to experts, to about 1.5 billion litai (then it was about 400 million dollars).

Rolandas pax as, becoming President, called the transfer of the oil complex to the Americans “sabotage of the national scale.” But when he began to deal with questionable business, he was quickly removed — removed under false pretenses from office in 2004 by impeachment.

53.7% of the shares of Mažeikių NAFTA were sold to the Dutch subsidiary Yukos-Yukos International UK-BV. And in 2006, it was resold for 1,492 billion dollars to the Polish oil company PKN Orlen, once again ignoring the conditional “LUKOIL”.

Back in 1999, before the transfer of the oil complex to the Americans, the Minister of the economy of Lithuania vincas Babilius said that “Ivan will not let the pipe.” And in 2006, the ideological leader of the conservatives of Lithuania, the former speaker of the Seimas, European Parliament Vytautas Landsbergis said: “Lithuania in relation to both political and national security should not be allowed to “Mažeikių NAFTA” went to Russian companies, that is revived and expanded Russian energy-political Empire.” By the way, he was one of the main initiators of the transfer of the oil complex to Williams international and did not forgive pax as a protest — despite the fact that taxes were in the conservative party at that time. Like as a traitor proved. That’s not let Lithuania “Ivan” to the pipe. Now, the plant is called ORLEN Lietuva. Poles have no oil, and “Ivan” as it ignored, showed whose pipe actually. I took, and closed the branch of the Druzhba oil pipeline, leading to Lithuania, for repairs, which still lasts. This happened in 2006. The Baltic States had to deliver oil by tankers in buying, which is much more expensive.

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One time ORLEN Lietuva was on the verge of bankruptcy. Here is you and high prices gasoline in Lithuania! And in General in the Baltic States! Either oil tankers for processing in mažeikiai, or buying gasoline from Norway or Finland.

What just happened? Why gasoline in the Baltic States has risen in price yet? It’s like the famous saying: “Russia sneezed — Baltic pneumonia.” Belarus has suspended oil supplies to the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine due to contaminated Russian oil. “Suspended until the resolution of the issue with Russian oil”, — said the Deputy head of the national oil company Sergey Grib Agency RIA “news”.

Russia and Belarus will understand what is going on, and is it not a diversion? But the scandal once again revealed the dependence of the Baltic States on Russian oil supplies. As, however, it was previously found out that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, no matter how hard they tried to get rid of Russian energy carriers, depend on our gas and electricity. But purely in commercial, market and technological terms.

And as for the repair of the branch of “Friendship” in Lithuania (for which Vilnius scolds the Kremlin, saying that the pipe “deteriorated” for purely political reasons), well, as they say – bash on bash. Landsbergis himself once made it clear that the refusal of Lithuania to LUKOIL is also a political decision.