On the conveyor and in the series: The network showed the perfect UAZ “Hunter”

By | March 26, 2020
On the conveyor and in the series: The network showed the perfect UAZ

Craftsmen showed what a Russian SUV really should be. The ugly appearance of Ulyanovsk SUVs does not always suit motorists, which leads to an attempt to improve their own cars. But one of the tuners created a project that can really be considered the prototype of an ideal car.

The tuned UAZ Hunter became such a car, a photograph of which appeared in the thematic community on the social network Instagram. This SUV will delight lovers of “UAZ” products who want this car to be sent to the conveyor, and then to the series. The perfect “Hunter” does not stand out in such a special way, except for high-quality fit body parts made in gray, which times and attracted the attention of motorists. In addition, the Russian SUV was equipped with reinforced bumpers, extended wheel arches, and expensive wheel arches. Also, do not discount stampings on the hood and on the fifth door. It is interesting that if the externally recycled all-terrain vehicle looks attractive, then what is waiting in the cabin is still unknown. The converted UAZ Hunter was appreciated by network users. “Freshly”, “Cool styling”, “You have to make such at the factory”, “UAZ, learn to do this”, “It turned out well,” the public’s subscribers responded admiringly.

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