On the ISS found a place of air leakage, the crew is safe

On the ISS found a place of air leakage, the crew is safe

The place of air leakage was found on the International Space Station, it is in the Russian module “Zvezda”. It was reported today, on September 29, in “Roskosmos”.

“After analysis and search of the place of air leakage from the ISS atmosphere, it was found that this place is in the service module “Zvezda”, which contains scientific equipment, – said in the release. – A specific place of the possible leak is being searched for”.
At the same time, “Roskosmos” explained that the leak does not threaten the crew.

“In the coming days, the reason for the decrease in atmospheric pressure will be localized and the tightness will be restored,” – noted the press service.
As EADaily reported, in the middle of September it became known that in the American segment of the ISS a small ammonia leak was detected, according to the Roskosmos representative, it does not affect the safety of the crew and the Russian segment of the station.

At present, there are three astronauts aboard the ISS: astronaut Christopher Cassidy (NASA, USA) and Roscosmos cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner (Russia). This is the 63rd space expedition.

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