On the liner Diamond Princess coronavirus revealed in 60 more people

Thus, the number of cases on the ship reached 130. Japanese authorities are considering checking all the people on board for coronavirus disease.
In Japan, 60 more people fell ill with coronavirus 2019-nCoV on the Diamond Princess cruise liner. This is reported by The Japan Times on Monday, February 10.

The liner is quarantined at a port in the Japanese city of Yokohama. The information became known this morning, previously reported 70 confirmed cases of infection with the virus. Thus, the total number of patients from the ship reached 130.

The Japanese authorities also announced that they were considering testing for a new coronavirus for all crew members and passengers onboard the cruise ship.

People will be allowed to get off the Diamond Princess only when all the results of the surveys become known.

Earlier, the first Ukrainian was diagnosed with coronavirus. A Ukrainian from the cruise liner Diamond Princess contracted Chinese coronavirus. The patient does not have any serious symptoms of the disease.

It was also reported that the number of victims of coronavirus exceeded 900 people. The number of people infected in mainland China increased by 3,062, exceeding 40,000.

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