On the Spanish island fell meteorite, the population is asked to help in the search

By | July 25, 2020

A meteorite has fallen in the north of the island of Tenerife in Spain, but investigators and authorities have not yet been able to answer the question of where it landed, reports on Saturday
It is specified that the fall of the cosmic body happened on July 14 at 00:50. But it became known only now. The museum of science and space of the island confirmed the phenomenon thanks to one of its cameras, writes the newspaper Diario de Avisos.

It is likely that the meteorite could have fallen between the municipalities of Ikod de Los Vinos and Buenavista del Norte.
According to Hector Sokas, director of the Museum of Science and Space, the entry of meteorites into the atmosphere is a very common phenomenon. This, he said, happens almost every day. However, for a meteorite to reach the Earth’s surface before it can burn is a rarity. Although it is not a historical event.
However, the scientist emphasizes that it is important for science to find at least one of the fragments, and calls for help the local population. He specified that the pieces of the meteorite should be the size of a coin from 10 to 50 grams. They will have a very black and smooth surface as if they were burned.