Once upon a time there were two old men in America, Trump and Biden.

By | October 23, 2020
Once upon a time there were two old men in America, Trump and Biden.

Once upon a time, there were two old men in America, Trump, and Biden. One of them was already in power and wants to go back, although, as you look at him, tears come to your eyes. The weak man, with no memory at all, is confused in everything. Where he speaks, for which position he is running, who is called, what he himself told when he spoke to whom… Lies continuously. At the same time, everyone is to blame for everything. And Russian hackers, and Iranians, and Chinese, and Trump. He is the only eagle, though very shabby.

The main thing here is to make him live to see the election. He is not really in command, but to rest in specialized gerontology, where there will be doctors and curly nurses with large cutouts and the shortest possible robes. Very cheerful and tones up patients of his age and spirit. At the time of our “stagnation”, it was tested in Chazov.

However, next to him in the role of vice-president is a nice looking and extremely tough lady of middle age, from the national minorities, with correctly dark skin color. What is called a “tea tree color” color ring? From a family of hereditary slave traders, like Obama, but comes to power on the votes of minorities. There, this voter has bad logic and a bad brain. He is guided by the color of his skin. However, which voter in America has a good head? Everything is on instincts.

Biden’s rival, the current President of America Trump, is alive compared to him. He speaks to huge crowds, which, dancing, turns out not childish, overcame the coronavirus, young soul and, apparently, the body … Very cheerful. And, it is clear that everyone is also to blame for everything. The Chinese, we, Iranians, North Koreans … But at least he does not get into the war. He hurts everybody verbally, he hurts everybody, but he doesn’t hurt anyone in vain, like Obama. And so it was under Clinton – not only under Bush… If Biden wins, the wars will be 100%, including against us, in Ukraine. If Trump, it may cost. We will see.

On the other hand, Biden is for “green energy”, so he will definitely cover the American oil and gas industry with a copper basin. What’s wrong with us? And the fact that in both cases the split in America is terrible and the situation reminds us a lot of our 1917 situation, with all their leftists, so they themselves either predict a new civil war, or the collapse of the country, again, given their system of relations with us, although no one in Russia is happy, but certainly in mourning will not fall. It would be strange to expect this from our population after everything they have said about us and us.

So none of them will be helped or interfered with by Putin, neither our pranksters, Vovan and Lexus, nor the legendary GRU, with Petrov and Bashirov or without them nor SVR with the FSB. They are all fed up with it. And us, and the Chinese, and the Persians with Koreans. Especially because, on the one hand, they climb everywhere without soap and only poop, brazenly, egoistically, unceremoniously, and on the other hand, they are demonstratively afraid of everything and everyone before the hiccups. They lie, intrigue, and hit, but they strive hard. Knows an American cat whose fat has been eaten. And the democratic cat knows, and the republican cat. Rarely nefarious creatures, their politicians. And you can’t fix it anymore…