One person killed in Wisconsin shooting during riots

By | August 26, 2020
One person killed in Wisconsin shooting during riots

One person was killed and two were shot in a shooting in the US city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where protests were raging for the third day, the New York Times reported, citing local police.
Earlier, CNN reported that after the curfew in the city of Kenosha again began riots in connection with the wounding of police officers African-American Jacob Blake. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets.
The newspaper notes that many protesters left the area after police intervened. However, some of them went to the local gas station. There were several armed men who promised to protect their property and clashed with the protesters. Closer to midnight local time, shots rang out at the gas station.
Kenoshi Sheriff David Bet said three people were shot, one of whom died. Last Sunday, police in Kenosha city shot an African-American man, Jacob Blake, in the back as he tried to separate two of the women who had broken in. The police used a stun gun against him and then fired. The man was hospitalized in a serious condition. The Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office is investigating the incident. According to her statement, all law enforcement officers involved in the incident are assisting the investigation.
On Tuesday, more than $675,000 was raised in less than 24 hours to help Blake’s family. The funds raised will be used to cover Blake’s medical expenses and treatment, financial support for his six children, family expenses, and cover the costs of the trial.
The incident between police and an African-American in Wisconsin led to mass protests in the city, escalating into arson and pogroms, clashes with police, after which the city authorities declared a curfew.