Ottoman greatness: Turkey will make another mosque from an Orthodox monastery

By | August 21, 2020
Ottoman greatness: Turkey will make another mosque from an Orthodox monastery

The Turkish authorities decided to make another Orthodox church a mosque – the Monastery of Chora in the Fatih district of Istanbul, where the Church of the Savior is located. This is reported by the Greek TV channel ERT.

Hora Monastery is one of the brightest architectural monuments of the Comnin era in Byzantium. It will be turned into a mosque using the same formal actions as it was for the Church of St. Sophia – the last one became a mosque in July this year. The temple will be handed over to the Department of Religious Affairs – Christian frescoes will be closed, and the Choir will become a place of kneeling of Muslims

ERT reports.

The church was built in Constantinople (the Byzantine name of Istanbul) in 534 AD and is one of the oldest historical buildings in Istanbul. In 1511, the temple was converted into the Kahrie Mosque, just like St. Sophia after the Ottoman conquest of the Byzantine capital. The choir was used as a mosque for 434 years, and only in 1945 the monastery became a museum. The State Council of Turkey, as the highest administrative judicial body of the state, decided to turn the Orthodox monastery into a mosque a year ago, calling the decision of 75 years ago illegal.

According to some political analysts, this measure fits into the Turkish authorities’ efforts to revive “Ottoman greatness” – a strategy of revisionism, which is currently adhered to by the official Ankara

– emphasizes the Greek TV channel.

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