Lebanese demand to return the country to French control

A day before Macron’s visit to Lebanon, a petition was set up calling for the return of French rule. After the explosion in the port of Beirut in Lebanon, a petition was set up calling for the country to be brought back under French control, Al Arabiya reported on Friday, August 7. It is noted that the petition… Read More »

Trump calls wall on Mexico border a protection against coronavirus

U.S. President Donald Trump says a partially built wall on the border with Mexico is helping to prevent new cases of coronavirus infection in the country. He said this on Fox News, The American leader reminded me that the length of this barrier is 275 miles (more than 440 kilometers). At the same time, in the coming months,… Read More »

Four questions to Russian coronavirus vaccine in Europe

Russia is leading the race for the coronavirus vaccine, which has begun worldwide. However, many have questions about its reliability and effectiveness, writes the French edition of L’Express. European journalists note that the public discusses four sides of the development: “What does Russia promise? At what stage are the studies? What do scientists think about it? What does… Read More »

U.S. announces progress in arms control talks with Russia

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced progress in arms control negotiations with Russia. Pompeo said that in recent months, hard work has been underway to conduct a dialogue between the three countries with the largest nuclear weapons arsenal – the United States, Russia, and China. “The Russians and I have made progress, we have had two good… Read More »

SpaceX’s “Martian” spacecraft discourages viewers

SpaceX has shown flight tests of its new “Martian” spacecraft. On the web, users share their impressions. Some were dismayed by the appearance of the ship: “Why does it look like a bottle?” The web shares their impressions after the test flight of the new “Martian” ship. The launch was broadcast on NASA’s YouTube channel. The video shows… Read More »

Tanzanians consider Russians to be omnipotent: “President – James Bond”

Tanzanians consider the Russians omnipotent. They shared their ideas about Russia. “The president is James Bond,” the people of the East African country say. Maria Bulatnikova, the tour manager of Moyo Africa Exploration, spoke about the life and manners of Tanzania and its inhabitants. Separately, she focused on how Russia is represented in this country. Not everyone knows… Read More »

Death toll in Beirut blast rises to 137

At least 137 people were killed in the Beirut bombing. This was reported by Al Jazeera, citing the Lebanese Ministry of Health, on Wednesday. According to him, the number of victims has increased to 5,000. Dozens of people are missing. Earlier it was reported about 135 dead. A powerful explosion at a warehouse in the seaport of Beirut… Read More »

Damage from Beirut blast could reach $15 billion

The damage from the powerful explosion in Beirut could amount to $15 billion, the city’s governor, Marwan Abboud, said. Earlier, he estimated the populated capital of Lebanon with damage of 3-5 billion dollars. “The losses inflicted on the country are greater than stated, and can amount to 10 to 15 billion dollars,” Abboud’s statement quoted RIA Novosti as… Read More »