Zelensky, Macron and Merkel

New Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on the world stage. The first meetings with the leading leaders of Western countries — macron, Merkel, now Trudeau, and there is still a meeting with the President of the United States Donald trump, probably the most important in this list of new contacts of the Ukrainian President. In the Studio of Radio… Read More »

Europe does not need any more Russian coal

Prices for Russian coal in the European Union fell to a minimum over the past three years. According to “Vedomosti”, the cost of a ton of Russian coal with delivery in Riga is 47 dollars. This is even lower than the cost, which is at the level of 50-55 dollars per ton. It turns out that Russian companies… Read More »

Us policy leads to the destruction of arms agreements

The destructive policy of the White House leads to the destruction of earlier agreements on arms control, including the INF, said the head of the International Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev at a meeting of the Committee on Monday. The International Committee of the SF on Monday supported the law introduced by the President of the… Read More »

Instead of America, Iran will hit Israel

Against the background of tension between Iran and the United States, various experts began to assume what scenario the conflict between the countries would develop. The very first option was proposed by Donald Trump himself — the United States after the Persians shot down their drone, strike at Iran. According to us President, everything was ready for this,… Read More »

Off the coast of Crimea noticed two us military aircraft

Two American aircraft conducted reconnaissance off the coast of the Crimea and over the Donbas. This is evidenced by the data of the monitoring resource PlaneRadar. At 07:40 GMT UAV USAF RQ-4A Global Hawk, tail number and call sign 04-2021 FORTE10 took off from the NATO airbase in Sigonella, Italy. UAV crossed the airspace of Bulgaria and at… Read More »


The Washington Post reported cyber attacks against Iranian missile control systems by the United States. In addition, Iran’s Maritime counterintelligence, which controls the movement of ships in the Strait of Ormuz, could be under attack. However, there is a possibility that these hacker attacks are not true. Tehran strongly denies the success of cyber attacks. It is possible… Read More »