Pompeo was present during Trump’s conversation with Vladimir Zelensky

For the first time, it became known who else from the American side was involved in the conversation that provoked the scandal. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo was present during Donald Trump’s conversation with Vladimir Zelinsky, which led to the beginning of the impeachment proceedings of the Us President. This was reported by CNN on Monday, September 30,… Read More »

Iran calls Israel’s destruction an achievable goal

Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), an elite unit of the Iranian army. Major General Hossein Salami said the destruction of Israel was an “achievable goal.” This is reported by The Times of Israel. The military pointed out that Iran, four decades after the Islamic Revolution, “has gained the ability to destroy the Zionist regime.” Salami… Read More »

Russia reacts to Wagner’s “host” sanctions

Moscow is at a loss after new US anti-Russian sanctions, imposed allegedly because of interference in the US election. This is stated in the commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The ministry stressed that the restrictions affected people, including “arbitrarily selected Russians,” foreign companies, air and sea vessels, which were included in one registry on some incomprehensible principle.… Read More »

Maduro talks about Russia’s investments in Venezuela

Russia’s investments in Venezuela continue to grow. This was stated by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during his press conference, the video of which was published in his Twitter account. Maduro said Russian entrepreneurs and companies’ investments in the Venezuelan economy had grown but did not give specific semen. “During our visit to Russia, we agreed to continue to… Read More »

Putin and Russia have one system for detecting stealth aircraft

Russia is famous for its air defense systems, but experts are debating how effective they are against stealth aircraft. A specialist in military technology writes about radar, which is not afraid of stealth technology. The author details the technical characteristics of the system and its disadvantages. The National Interest (USA): Russia has one opportunity to detect and destroy… Read More »

Russia will do without aircraft carriers

Americans are incredibly proud of their aircraft carrier fleet. But the rules of the game have already changed, and the once unsinkable ships now have nothing to respond to the blow of the latest missiles. Russia, like China, has chosen a more modern path: it is developing weapons capable of sinking someone else’s aircraft carrier group, writes Paul… Read More »

Invasion of Norway by Special Forces SSO GRU called a fake

In a conversation with the media, the editor-in-chief of the magazine “National Defense” military expert Igor Korotchenko called the news about the Russian special forces in Norway a fake. AldriMer reported that American reconnaissance aircraft took photos of Russian GRU special forces in the Svalbard archipelago as well as on the Norwegian mainland. Russian special forces allegedly scouted… Read More »

In Vilnius they do not want to remember that Stalin gave them the capital of the country

Political analysts paid attention: the first foreign visit of the new Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausea made to Poland, although relations between Vilnius and Warsaw before that were very cool. And he found a full anti-Russian understanding with Warsaw. Apparently, the previous president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite did not like Poland very much because of the hidden rivalry for… Read More »

U.S. releases video of strike on Saudi oil facilities

American TV channel CBS News published exclusive footage of a massive strike on oil refineries firm Saudi Aramco. The slicing of CCTV footage shows the projectiles falling into oil tanks, after which flames erupt in the factory. The footage has not previously been released. They supplemented the interview with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud of Saudi… Read More »