Trump to leave 200 special forces in Syria – media

The U.S. leader is considering leaving about 200 troops in Syria to fight IS. U.S. President Donald Trump will leave a small mobile contingent of troops in eastern Syria to fight terrorists, The New York Times reported, citing a source. It is noted that 200 special forces are needed to crush the Islamic State terrorist groups. Earlier, the… Read More »

NASA Rebuts Claim Life Was Discovered on Mars in 1970s

Last week a former NASA researcher published an article claiming that an experiment that tested samples from Martian soil back in 1976 had discovered signs of life. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has refuted claims by a former employee that “evidence” of organic life was discovered during a pair of missions to Mars back in 1976,… Read More »

Turkey will not change, we cannot allow it,” Aktay said.

Ankara will regard the granting of protection to Kurdish militias by Damascus as a declaration of war and will respond proportionately. The appearance of the Syrian army in areas left by U.S. forces to protect Kurdish forces will be considered a declaration of war by Turkey. This was announced on Saturday, October 19, by the adviser of the… Read More »

Scientists revived dead brain for weeks

Japanese scientists have invented a new technique by which the dead brain of a mouse successfully functioned. Japanese scientists were able to revive the brain of a dead mouse, according to foreign media. Scientists from the Riken Center for Biological Dynamics Research were able to get the brain to function for 25 days. The research was conducted on… Read More »

A large asteroid is approaching the Earth

The approaching asteroid 162082 belongs to the Apollo group, which knows more than five thousand objects. An asteroid measuring between 400 meters and one kilometer is flying towards Earth, according to NASA’s Center for near-Earth Object Research. It is noted that the celestial body will approach the planet as much as possible on October 25. At the same… Read More »

Elon Musk praises Russian education

SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he thinks Russian education is very good and calls the Cubans cool. He said this at the Krasnodar forum “The Case for the Small!”, contacting its participants by video link. “I think that education is very good in Russia. I think there are a lot of talents in Russia and… Read More »