In Paris, a man tried to climb Montparnasse without insurance.

Montparnasse Tower is the highest skyscraper in Paris. The last successful attempt to climb the building was in 2004. Paris police detained a man who decided to climb the Montparnasse skyscraper 210 meters high without any mountaineering equipment. This was reported by France Info radio station on Friday, September 18. According to the radio station, when a team… Read More »

US Senators wrote a letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda

US senators wrote a letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda, severely criticizing him for his ‘anti-Semitic rhetoric. The Polish leader was also rebuked for failing to pass appropriate laws on the restitution of former Jewish property. The letter was authored by Jack Rosen of the Democratic Party and James Lancford of the Republican Party. The letter expressed ‘deep… Read More »

An unknown vehicle broke into the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Today, September 18, around 16.20 Moscow time, an unknown vehicle broke into the residence of the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow “Spaso-House”. The representative of the embassy Rebecca Ross said that a Russian citizen was driving the car. “He was detained by embassy staff and handed over to local authorities. Ambassador John Sullivan was not at home at that… Read More »

Telescope NASA photographed a terrible white storm on Jupiter

The Hubble Space Telescope took a new super clear shot of Jupiter, which depicts a powerful storm spreading in the northern latitudes of the planet. The ice moon of Europe also hit the picture. The image is available on the official site of the project. The photo was taken on August 25, 2020, when Jupiter was 653 million… Read More »

In Turkey, a bus with Russians turned over.

In Turkey, two buses collided with tourists, among the latter were Russians One of the crashed buses was the editor of the named portal Sergei Panin, who was going on a tour. According to him, while driving, another vehicle with tourists crashed into his minibus from behind. The blow, as the eyewitness noted, was not strong. “Three minutes… Read More »

In Germany, the readiness of Nord Stream-2 was assessed

The degree of readiness of the pipeline “Nord Stream-2” can be estimated at 97%, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the message of the Prime Minister of the German Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Manuel Schleswig. During the Bundestag hearings on energy issues, she noted that the gas pipeline is a major infrastructure project for the region. At… Read More »

In Spain, the train went off the rails

The train from the Spanish Valladolid to Madrid went off the rails, the capital’s emergency service reported on Twitter. The reason was heavy rains that blurred the tracks. The incident took place in the area of Sarsaleo. There were 25 people in the carriages, four were slightly injured and two of them were taken to hospitals. Nevertheless, the… Read More »

US to send observers to parliamentary elections in Georgia

The U.S. is ready to help Georgia implement reforms to strengthen democracy, said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a letter sent to his Georgian counterpart David Zalkaliani. “We appreciate your efforts to support American and international observers and remain ready to help Georgia implement reforms that will strengthen your democratic institutions and strengthen the democratic process,”… Read More »