Pakistan tests Hatf-3 ballistic missile

Pakistan tests Hatf-3 ballistic missile

The Pakistan Army Strategic Forces Command conducts operational readiness training exercises.
In Pakistan, the military successfully tested a Land-to-Surface Hatf-3 ballistic missile. This is reported by the Daily Times with reference to the armed forces of the country on Thursday, January 23.

The launch was part of a training exercise by the Pakistan Army Strategic Forces Command aimed at working out operational readiness procedures. The Hatf-3 has a range of up to 290 kilometers (180 miles).

Hatf-3, also called Ghaznivi – in honor of the 11th-century ruler Mahmoud Ghaznevi – is a ballistic missile capable of carrying a warhead with a nuclear charge.

Recall that in August 2019 Pakistan conducted a successful night launch of the Gaznevi rocket.

And last November, Pakistan successfully tested the Shaheen-1 ballistic missile. It is capable of carrying all types of warheads, including nuclear warheads, up to 650 kilometers away.

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