Park in Tripoli was subjected to shelling: there are victims

Park in Tripoli was subjected to shelling: there are victims

The incident showed that, despite a decrease in the intensity of hostilities, risks for the civilian population of the Libyan capital remain

A piece of green land in the Libyan capital, which is used as a park, suffered an artillery attack on Sunday, which killed at least three people and injured several others. This information came from health workers.

The incident pointed to continuing risks for civilians, despite the relative lull of hostilities around Tripoli after the forces based in the east of the country earlier this month partially withdrew the troops.

The UN mission in Libya condemned the “indiscriminate attacks” on the civilian areas of Tripoli, which, she said, are mainly attributed to forces associated with the Libyan National Army (LNA) under the command of Khalifa Haftar.

The LNA has been attacking Tripoli since April 2019, although recently it has been failing amid the recent increase in foreign intervention in the conflict.

Sunday shelling affected the outskirts of Hai Al-Andalus, west of the center of Tripoli.

Malek Marsit, the representative of the Center for Field Medicine and Support, said at least three people were killed and 12 were injured when shells fell on the grass, where locals often rest.

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A representative of the local ambulance service, Osama Ali, said that five people were killed there and elsewhere nearby.