Pelosi called the coronavirus, “the greatest disaster” in U.S

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the coronavirus “the greatest disaster in the history of the country.”
“More than 80,000 Americans died, about 1.4 million became infected. Thirty-three million Americans applied for unemployment benefits. We all know these numbers. We are facing the greatest disaster in the history of our country,” Pelosi said in a statement to her Facebook page.

She stated that the 3 trillion-dollar new aid package proposed by the Democrats was “mainly” built on four previous bills to support the economy.
“Inaction is the path that will cost the most,” Pelosi warned.
She criticized Republicans who are skeptical of the need to spend such enormous amounts of money given that $ 3 trillion has been allocated to support the economy in the past, and the local central bank, the Federal Reserve, continues to lend to businesses.

“Some say: let’s take a break. But many families suffer. Hunger, rent, bills, the severity of losing a job, or the tragedy of losing a loved one does not take a break,” Pelosi said.
As expected, the House of Representatives may vote on the new bill on Friday. Senate leader Mitch McConnell expressed skepticism about the bill – he said a more “narrowly focused” document was needed.

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