Pence pledged to help Texas fight coronavirus

By | June 28, 2020
Pence pledged to help Texas fight coronavirus

US federal authorities will help the state of Texas, where the situation with the coronavirus has seriously worsened, said US Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday.
Earlier, State Governor Gregg Abbott said that the situation with COVID-19 in the state has taken a dangerous turn in the past few weeks, the number of new hospitalizations has increased from two to more than five thousand, and the percentage of positive test results has grown from 4.7% to more than 13 %
“We guarantee that Texas and the Texas health care system have the resources, supplies, people appropriate for the moment,” he said at a joint press conference with the governor on Sunday.
It was broadcast by the WFAA channel.

Pence noted that Texas is currently testing the population for coronavirus on an “incredible scale”, but today the issue of further intensifying this process was discussed. Pence promised that this need will be communicated to all involved.

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