Pentagon: Attack on Saudi refineries could not repel any air defense system. American


No single air and missile defense system can repel an attack similar to the one that was launched against Saudi Arabia on September 14, said Joseph, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dunford. Adorable tactics… In order not to sign in their own impotence, it is necessary to state that no one can do it. He forgot to add that no American system can repel such an attack. They do not have combined systems, unlike Russia, and this is a verdict.

Russian air defense systems in Khmeimim also shot down and planted the attacking base drones. Even aircraft made of wood with explosives. But compared to Hmeimim, judging by the wreckage in Saudi Arabia, not even sparrows were flying, but pterodactyls. Plus, the Saudis said cruise missiles had arrived along with the drones. And most importantly, they all reached the goal. Russian air defense systems in Syria have already a dozen attacks of these “small and almost metal-free” drones successfully recaptured, and even in difficult terrain. No one says that the task is easy, but when there is an air defense system worth several billion dollars, it should be able to do a little more than just stand and do nothing. The U.S. for a lot of money vaporizes simpletons, suitable only to take off in clubs of smoke and fire trash.

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Erdogan was right to buy the S-400. She sees a swarm of drones from afar, and other means are used to destroy it.