Pentagon deploys new nuclear warheads on submarines

Production of the first batch of W76-2 small-capacity nuclear warheads began a year ago.
The U.S. military began deploying new W76-2 low-power warheads on submarines. This was stated in a statement of the Pentagon on Tuesday, February 4.Previously about the deployment of warheads on a submarine with ballistic missiles Trident reported to the Federation of American Scientists.

The Ministry has identified the need to modernize a small number of submarine-launched ballistic missile warheads to respond to potential adversaries such as Russia, which assumes that the use of low-power nuclear weapons will create for they have an advantage over the United States and its allies,” the statement said.

The Pentagon believes that this will strengthen deterrence and provide the United States with more “viable short-cap strategic weapons.”

Recall, in January 2019, the media reported that the U.S. began production of the first batch of nuclear warheads of low power W76-2. It was noted at the time that the first batch of such warheads was planned to be handed over to the Navy in the autumn.

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