Pentagon financial supervisor resigned

By | June 17, 2020
Pentagon financial supervisor resigned

Earlier, correspondence leaked to the media, showing that Elaine McKasker doubted the correctness of the decision to freeze military assistance to Ukraine

A senior Pentagon official Elaine McKasker resigned three months after the White House recalled her candidacy for the post of Comptroller of the military department.

Previously, she expressed doubts about the legality of the decision of the Donald Trump administration to freeze military assistance to Ukraine.

McCusker has served as a financial controller since last summer. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced Tuesday that June 26th would be the last day of her job.

“Since joining the Department of Defense, Elaine has worked tirelessly to ensure that our budgetary and audit processes bring maximum benefit to taxpayers while meeting the country’s huge security needs, as well as the men and women who serve it,” Esper said.

McKasker was nominated as controller at the end of last year, but in March the White House withdrew her candidacy after leaked media correspondence revealed that she expressed concern about the administration’s demands to suspend assistance to Ukraine.

Earlier this year, Trump was impeached for alleged abuse of power by freezing aid to Ukraine to force Kiev to investigate the activities of his political rivals.

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