Pentagon publishes rules allowing transgender people to serve

Pentagon publishes rules allowing transgender people to serve

Earlier, President Biden signed a decree lifting the bans imposed by Trump

The Pentagon promulgated rules overturning the Trump administration’s policy that banned most transgender people from military service.

The rules followed up on a decree signed by President Joe Biden shortly after he took office.

A new Defense Department policy, unveiled on International Transgender Visibility Day, will allow transgender people who meet military standards to enter service with their preferred gender.

The new rules also expand access to health care and gender transition assistance and aim to prevent discrimination against transgender military personnel, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

“Secretary of Defense [Lloyd Austin] is convinced that volunteer forces thrive when they are made up of a wide variety of Americans who meet high standards for military service and that inclusive forces enhance our national security,” Kirby said.

The new rules take effect after 30 days.

Biden’s decree overturned executive orders signed by President Trump between 2017 and 2018 that prohibited transgender people from military service and immediately banned the release of military personnel on the basis of gender identity.

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Prior to Trump’s ban, transgender military personnel was subject to the Obama administration’s policies that allowed them to serve openly.

However, in 2017, Trump stunned Pentagon officials when he tweeted that he would end the open service policy and “would not allow transgender people to serve in the US military in any capacity.”

In a statement, the Pentagon recalled that on March 12, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin signed a memorandum directing the military to “promote and protect the rights of LGBTQI + people around the world, including in contacts with partner states and multilateral organizations, as well as in planning foreign programs. help “.