Pentagon relocates funeral homes to New York

Pentagon relocates funeral homes to New York

More than 40 militaries should help with the burial of the bodies of those killed in the country’s largest city. Additional military doctors sent to other affected areas
The U.S. Department of Defense announced that, at the request of the federal authorities, it’s deployed military funeral teams to New York, CNN reported citing an agency official.

According to him, 42 people who usually serve in Virginia will go to the city that has become one of the main foci of infection, to help local authorities bury and cremate the bodies of those killed by a coronavirus.

Additional army forces are being transferred to other parts of the country. This includes military doctors, who should help in caring for the victims.
Earlier, military doctors were sent to New Orleans and Dallas, where dozens of cases of infection were also recorded. Reservists called up for service were also sent to help them, who should organize field deployment of field hospitals.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 277 thousand people were infected with coronavirus in the United States. 7152 died, 9823 recovered.
The focus of infection remains the states of New York and New Jersey, where more than 3800 people died. A difficult situation has also developed in Michigan and Louisiana. At the same time, President Donald Trump still refuses to impose a nationwide quarantine. According to him, decisions on mandatory self-isolation of citizens should be made by state governors.

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