Photographs of minors were found in Biden's son's possession, said Trump's lawyer.

Photographs of minors were found in Biden’s son’s possession, said Trump’s lawyer.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said that the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s laptop contained sexual material related to minor girls.
The attorney added that he sent these materials to Delaware State Police.

On Newsmax, Giuliani showed reports that Biden Jr. wrote to his father about his relationship with Hallie Biden (his brother’s widow), according to the Washington Examiner.
According to reports from Trump’s lawyer, Hunter Biden allegedly wrote to his father that Hallie Biden accused him of inappropriate behavior with minors – she didn’t like that naked Hunter was talking on Facetime to a 14-year-old girl whose name was intentionally hidden in correspondence. However, the same conversation allegedly showed that the girl denied the incident.

The lawyer noted that in addition to these messages, Biden Jr. found “numerous photos of underage girls” in his computer. Giuliani claims that all the materials he received earlier this month were handed over to the police.
The correspondence became available after the owner of the repair shop, which had the laptop of the son of a Democrat presidential candidate, made a copy of the hard drive and handed it over to Giuliani.
Last week, the New York Post published a series of articles allegedly based on that correspondence. In one of the e-mails published by the newspaper, which was allegedly sent to Biden Jr. Vadim Pozharsky, a senior advisor to the management of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, he thanked him for meeting with Biden Sr. In another letter Pozharsky asks Biden Jr. to think how he can “use his influence” to help the company. These revelations contradict the statements of Joe Biden, that in no way connected with the work of his son on Burisma.
It was reported that FBI employees had already seized a laptop and a hard drive under a grand jury order.

Hunter Biden worked as an advisor to the management of Burisma, receiving up to $ 50 thousand per month. Trump supporters suspect that Biden Jr. used his father for lobbying work. They also suspect Biden Sr. of pressuring the Ukrainian authorities to fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma. Joe Biden denies it all. The democrats called the publication a Kremlin campaign.

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