Picture of murder of chief thief in Azerbaijani law restored

By | August 21, 2020
Picture of murder of chief thief in Azerbaijani law restored

The motive for the murder of the main thief in the law of Azerbaijan Nadir Salifov, known in the criminal world as Lotu Guli, was revenge for the murder of the main competitor of Guli four years ago – the thief in law Rovshan Janiyev (Lenkoransky). This was announced on Thursday, August 20
According to the agency, at the time of the murder, Gooley was sitting in the room with his back to the door and playing cards. In addition to the authority, there were two other people in the room, including his security guard. The infiltrated assassin, Hagan Seinalov (Khan Bakinsky), no one paid attention, as he had long infiltrated Guli’s entourage and gained the trust of authority. The kingpin was shot in the back of the head.

Guli’s security guard fired back, but he fled the scene. He was later detained by police.

Gooley became a thief in law in 2000. Recently, he began to have more and more conflicts with competitors. The main reason for Guli’s confrontation with Janiev is considered to be the division of Russian markets for the sale of vegetables and greens. When Lenkoransky was shot in Istanbul in 2016, Gooley was one of the first to be suspected of involvement in the murder. After Janiev’s death, the lucrative vegetable farm in Yekaterinburg, which he “roofed,” came under guli’s rule.

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