Pilots thank doctors for their work and courage “likes”

In these difficult days, people think primarily about themselves and their loved ones. The tense situation is observed all over the world. Even if somewhere now the problem is not as acute as in countries where many deaths from coronavirus are recorded, then this is not a reason to relax. The main burden falls on the shoulders of doctors. These are not only famous doctors but medical workers of all levels. They are now at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus infection and are forced to expose themselves to the greatest risks.

In this regard, I want to thank them for their dedicated work. But how to say “Thank you” so loudly so that all doctors can hear it? A great way to express their appreciation to the pilots. So, one of the pilots, who chose to remain incognito, flew in the sky over Hungary, which on the map looks like alike. The flightradar24 service, fixing all officially authorized flights in the world, captured it on the map, like a figure depicting a medical cross and a hand clenched into a fist with a bent thumb.

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Pilots thank doctors for their work and courage "likes"

In his desire to appeal to other people, this pilot is not alone. His colleague from Austria “wrote” in the sky “Stay home”, which can be translated as “Stay home.” Such actions indicate a clear understanding of the seriousness of the situation and, if at least one person does not get coronavirus, staying home after reading this news, then the efforts of the pilots will not be in vain.

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