Pipelayer “Academician Chersky” took a course in Kaliningrad

By | October 5, 2020
pipelayer Akademik Chersky

Pipelayer “Academician Chersky” took a course in Kaliningrad. Apparently, the vessel continues sea trials before the Nord Stream-2 construction resumption and will follow the route of the unfinished gas pipeline section. Two Russian supply vessels continue to be located in the German port.

According to the navigation portal Vesselfinder, the pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky left the area of the German port of Mukran in the Baltic Sea and headed for the raid of Kaliningrad. Vesselfinder is to arrive there on October 7.

In May the vessel arrived to the base “Nord Stream – 2” in Germany and was being modernized and retrofitted till the end of September. And on October, 1 the vessel went to the raid of Mukran and, judging by the route of its movement, passed sea trials. Now the vessel is moving towards the Russian coast but does not indicate that it will come to the port itself. Obviously, “Academician Chersky” will follow the route of the unfinished section of “North stream – 2”.

Meanwhile, three supply vessels from Russia have arrived in Mukran, which can provide the pipe-laying works. Later Errie switched off data transmission via AIS, and Umka and Finval are precisely in the German port. These vessels belong to Morspassluzhba, and the first of them was already involved in the construction of Nord Stream-2.
pipelayer Akademik Chersky
As TOP NEWS reported, on Thursday, October 1, Nord Stream-2 operator received the last permit from the Danish regulator – to operate the pipeline after its completion. Thus, Gazprom has a full package of documents from all countries, through the waters or the economic zone in the Baltic Sea of which the gas pipeline runs, and there are no formal obstacles to complete and start the project.

In December last year, US President Donald Trump signed the law with the first sanctions against the gas pipeline project. At that time they concerned the pipe-laying owners and the Baltic Sea left the ships of the Swiss company Allseas and the project stopped.

After that, a pipelayer Akademik Chersky left Nakhodka for the Baltic Sea. After the pipe-layer Gazprom started assembling an auxiliary fleet that would provide for pipe delivery and other work on the project.

In response to the Russian Navy’s preparations, in the summer the US senators prepared two drafts of new sanctions against the participants in the Nord Stream-2 construction that could be adopted in the US defense budget by the end of the year and began intimidating European companies and even ports with financial destruction. The White House itself stated that it had introduced the Baltic gas pipeline project under the law on countering America’s adversaries, which is applied to individual administrative decisions.
pipelayer Akademik Chersky
“This is a race between slow pipe-laying and slow adoption of sanctions legislation,” Kevin Book, Managing Director of ClearView Energy Partners, told The Foreign Policy in late August.

In his opinion, even a single pipe-layer “Academician Chersky” will be able to complete 160 kilometers of the pipeline in Danish and German waters in about 110 days, and the law on the defense budget, the draft of which included the expansion of sanctions to “Nord Stream – 2”, will not be signed before December – at least 112 days later.