Pirates abduct 6 Russian Sailors off West Africa | TOP-NEWS
Pirates abduct 6 Russian Sailors off West Africa

Pirates abduct 6 Russian Sailors off West Africa

In the port of Luba (Equatorial Guinea) from the cargo ship, Djibloho pirates kidnapped two Russian citizens. In parallel, there was an attack on another ship, where he was taken prisoner by the Russians. Any demands the kidnappers have not yet advanced. As reports, the Internet-the edition “the Sea Bulletin” survey ship Djibloho (last “Kapitan Puzikov”) was built in 1989 in the USSR, and in 2000 acquired by the government of Equatorial Guinea. The ship specializiruetsya on geological and seismic studies. Given the origins of the Soviet vessel, the presence of Russian sailors or technicians is not surprising.

According to the company Praesidium International, dealing with security issues at sea, the ship Djibloho the attackers kidnapped three sailors: two Russians and one citizen of Equatorial Guinea.

On May 9, the pirates kidnapped the citizen of Russia, who was on a cargo ship General Rio Mitong, which goes under the flag of Comoros, on the island of Bioko in the Gulf of Guinea. Two crew members got injured and hospitalized.

According to specializing in Maritime security company Dryad Global along with the Russians could be stolen and a citizen of Ukraine.

The attackers allegedly arrived by speed boat, used boarding stairs to get on Board of the vessel.

It is unclear in what order did these two incidents and participated in the one and the same group of pirates.

Meanwhile, in recent days there have been other reports of suspicious activity in the region – including the message on the speedboat circling at the offshore platform from Mayumba (Gabon).

Pirates abduct 6 Russian Sailors off West Africa

“Despite the fact that the overall trend of incidents in West Africa is gradually reduced, there is a serious tendency to increase the number of cases of kidnapping with the ransom,” – says the Dryad Global.

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As commented on the “Maritime Bulletin” attacks in Equatorial Guinea, “piracy, especially piracy and violent abduction of people is growing and will grow. The UN expects famine in the third world countries and doing everything possible to make this grim prediction came true. If peoples around the world and the global economy are not going to suffocate soon, if it is slow strangulation of the economy, called “pandemic” will continue, piracy will be a real pandemic… Nothing can effectively protect ships and crews, but private armed guards on Board”. However, international organizations are not allowed to resort to such protection.

This is not the first recent case of the abduction of the Russian sailor’s pirates in West Africa. So, on April 19, the container ship Tommi Ritscher, anchored in the port of Cotonou (Benin, West Africa), was attacked. The pirates managed to leave the board with eight crew members, three of whom are our Russians.

And on January 6, off the coast of Nigeria, pirates fired at the AMBIKA oil dredger, which was flying under the Nigerian flag. Two Russian sailors and one Indian were abducted from the ship. According to media reports, a few days later, as a result of a special operation, the captives were released.

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