Plan Trump. How the US will get out of quarantine


President Donald Trump has unveiled a three-stage plan to get States out of quarantine in order to revive the economy, even as the country continues to struggle with the pandemic.
The US leads the world in the number of people infected with coronavirus, but Donald Trump has already unveiled a plan to get out of quarantine. The plan is Advisory in nature and is called “Open America again”.

Step-by-step opening

“We are not opening everything at once, but taking a cautious step at a time,” Trump said.

In the first stage, it is recommended to avoid groups of more than 10 people. Minor travel should be kept to a minimum, remote work should be encouraged, and shared office space should be closed.

Schools remain closed for the first stage, but large facilities such as cinemas, restaurants, sports stadiums and places of worship can be opened under “strict physical distance protocols”.

Hospitals that have been hit hard by the health crisis can resume scheduled outpatient operations, and gyms can reopen with new protocols. Bars must remain closed.

In the second stage, it is recommended to avoid groups of more than 50 people. Necessary trips may resume, and schools and youth camps will also open.

The third phase includes the removal of restrictions for vulnerable groups of the population while observing the norms of social distancing. All institutions will be able to resume work. Trump also announced the resumption of sports events in the United States. At first, the matches will be held with empty stands, then a limited number of people will be allowed in, and only after the threat of coronavirus is eliminated, the stadiums will be fully filled.

The plan is a set of recommendations for state governors, not mandatory orders. Trump believes that in the near future, about 29 States will be able to reopen. Problems due to the virus

The American President has a difficult relationship with the coronavirus. For a long time, he refused to even acknowledge the fact of such a disease, which is why now, when the epidemic in the United States is progressing at the fastest pace in the world, he was attacked by a barrage of criticism. And as you know, trump takes criticism very painfully.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, more than 25 thousand Americans died, and trump in March said that there are not many cases of infection, and soon there will not be at all. Now us President is criticizing the media for the way they cover his approach to fighting Covid-19.

Trump called Pelosi responsible for the deaths from COVID-19 in the US

Speaker of us House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi sharply criticized trump’s plan to lift restrictions in the country imposed because of the coronavirus.

“Testing is the key to opening up our country to renew our lives. A vague and inconsistent white house document does not make up for the President’s inability to listen to scientists and produce and distribute national rapid tests,” Pelosi said.

According to her, “the President’s insistence on moving forward without testing, tracking contacts, collecting demographic data, and respecting science and facts is fraught with further deaths and economic disaster.”

She recalled that on March 4, the House of Representatives passed the first bipartisan bill to combat coronavirus, focusing on testing the infection. According to Pelosi, six weeks later, there is still no “adequate testing” in the country.

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New counterweight

And Trump, it seems, has a new competitor on a national scale-the Governor of new York state-the the main epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States – Andrew Cuomo. Governor Cuomo’s daily television briefings, always emphatically calm, have become a major television event in America in recent months. Suffice it to say that the speeches of the head of state are constantly broadcast by leading US TV channels, including cable stations that hold directly opposite political views – from the liberal MSNBC to the conservative Fox News.

“A significant part of Cuomo’s unexpected popularity is due to the difference between his briefings and the briefings that President trump conducts daily,” explained political scientist, Professor at stony brook University Jonathan Sanders. ” the President constantly makes accusations against his predecessors, shifts responsibility for the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic in the United States to them, and engages in violent exchanges with journalists. In contrast, Cuomo is emphatically calm, focused, and says every day that he is personally responsible for everything that happens in the state.”

Andrew Cuomo-Governor of new York

I think the whole country is closely and gratefully following Governor Cuomo’s briefings because the White House has not been able to demonstrate leadership qualities, ” grace Meng, a member of the House of Representatives and Vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee, suggested in a conversation with the New York Times.

Andrew Cuomo has always belonged to the Democratic party, but in recent months, even the most implacable political opponents have declared their unconditional support for the Governor.

A likely contender for the presidency from the Democratic party, former us Vice-President Joe Biden had publicly described the briefings by the Governor of New York “lesson in leadership”. Former us representative to the UN, Republican Nikki Haley, said in an interview that she ” follows Governor Cuomo’s press conferences every day.”

At the end of March, Andrew Cuomo’s fans were joined by Trump, who had previously repeatedly accused the head of New York of ” constantly complaining.” “I watched the briefing that Governor Cuomo gave, and it was very good,” the US President admitted.

According to the New York Times, the popularity of the Governor even forced the White House press service to adjust the schedule of public speeches of the President, moving them to a later time, when Andrew Cuomo is already finishing the daily press conference.

“The Constitution says that we don’t have a king. To say “I have full power over the country because I am the President” is absolutism. This is the behavior of the king. We didn’t have a king George Washington, we had a President George Washington,” one of Cuomo’s last striking statements about Donald Trump.