Plastic surgeon evaluated Meghan Markle’s appearance

Meghan Markle

A plastic surgeon named the stars, whose appearance is ideal from a scientific point of view.

Dr. Riccardo Frati conducted a study and found that at the moment Meghan Markle is close to the ideal proportions, reports The Sun. He noted that the Duchess of Sussex has a face like a Disney princess. The surgeon suggests that the wife of Prince Harry had a nose job: “Lately it has been looking thinner”.

Frati named Kim Kardashian, British TV divas Susanna Reid, Holly Willoughby, and actress Michelle Keegan as exemplary beauties in terms of science. But the doctor quipped that Kardashian likely had a series of plastic surgeries to achieve that result. The surgeon added that Kim’s facial structure is referred to as an “inverted triangle”: “An example of a face of the most desirable shape.”

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