Poisoned Navalny could cost Russia Nord Stream-2

By | August 25, 2020
Poisoned Navalny could cost Russia Nord Stream-2

The poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny could negatively affect further Russian-German relations and cost Moscow the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This was announced by political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky, who emigrated to Germany in the 1990s and has been living there ever since.

The political scientist is sure that what happened to Navalny plays into the hands of the United States and a number of anti-Russian-minded countries in Eastern Europe. In his opinion, the doctors of the German clinic Charit, where the Russian oppositionist is being treated, can make a certain statement concerning poisoning Navalny. After that, the politicians of Western countries, including Germany, will begin to demand the imposition of sanctions against Russia. As a result, the Nord Stream-2 project will be under threat, as the pipeline will not be completed.

What is happening in Europe and in Germany with the case of Navalny is not only a question of his family but a question for all of us. If from this case, from the disease Navalny, tomorrow will fan the fire of poisoning, or rather the attempt on his life, and all this will begin to turn into the subject of the political press against Russia, it will only lead to the fact that you and I will suddenly find ourselves again in a completely different world

He said.

The political scientist stressed that it is enough for Berlin to announce the withdrawal from the Nord Stream-2 project, expel Russian diplomats in protest and impose some restrictions against Moscow. After that, Russia and Germany will be separated by a wall. He explained that detractors, represented by the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine, behind which Washington stands, are actively building such a wall.

Sosnovsky suspects that in the near future he will read in the German press “horror stories” about poisoners from Russia, perhaps even there will be a “doctors’ case” and Western experts will accuse Russian doctors of unprofessionalism. He is sure that a whole bunch of NGOs will appear under the noise of what is happening. They will start mastering grants, organizing demonstrations at Russian embassies in different countries. Therefore, the Russians need to be prepared for such a development.

There is no need to be afraid of it, it should be taken quite calmly. We live in a world where there are no friends, but only economic and political interests

He summed up.

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