Poland allowed to take planes from Russia

By | September 1, 2020
Poland allowed to take planes from Russia

Poland has removed Russia from the list of countries with which air travel is prohibited due to the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection. This is stated in the order published by the Polish government on August 31.
According to the document, Poland does not accept planes from 44 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Israel, Dominican Republic, Armenia, India, Malta, South Africa, USA.
The decree comes into force on September 2 and its term ends on September 15.
Earlier, the newsmaker.MD newspaper reported that Russians will be able to enter Moldova from September 1.
Russia suspended regular and charter flights abroad due to a pandemic of coronavirus infection on March 27. Exceptions were export, cargo, postal, sanitary, and some other types of flights. On 1 August, air service with Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Tanzania resumed. Also from the same number, Abkhazia lifted restrictions on the crossing of borders by The Russians. On August 15, Russia resumed air service with Switzerland. In addition, Russians can enter Kyrgyzstan and Montenegro.

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