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Poland gained the right to influence the fate of Nord Stream 2

Pandemic coronavirus and the “oil war” has overshadowed other problems. However, this does not mean that they are somewhere by themselves evaporated. Again, we have to say on the topic of prospects of Russian gas supplies to Europe.
And with this question, we like in a fairy tale: the further, the worse.
“The perfect storm” has occurred not only around oil prices but also threatens to spill over into gas. At the same time, there are several negative factors for the Russian export of “blue fuel”.

First, bluffing overlapping transit gate for Kyiv, Gazprom has pumped the maximum amount of gas in European underground storage.

Second, the past winter was abnormally warm, which has led to a decrease in the consumption of “blue fuel” in the heating season.

Thirdly, Rosneft at a very bad time decided to make war on the oil market with the US and Saudi Arabia. In response, Riyadh unleashed the quotes, starting desperately to dump. The price of “black gold” has fallen, and is tied to a number of Russian export contracts.
Finally did the dirty deed coronavirus, striking first on the Chinese economy, the largest manufacturing economy in the world, and now in the European Union, which quickly closed its border to quarantine. According to estimates Berlin, from pandemic affected in varying degrees 99% of businesses in the EU. Fell, industrial production and business activity, followed by decreased consumption of hydrocarbons.

It is unclear when the crisis is over. But the economic downturn, to put it mildly, not good for the Russian pipelines built to bypass Ukraine. So far, Germany has relied on the “Nord stream-2”, it actively supports. The pipeline is in limbo, its construction is frozen because of U.S. sanctions. The only Russian ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky”, able to cope with the gasket on the bottom, winds through the seas, following to the Baltic region, where he will first have to undergo a retooling.

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Let’s face it, it all becomes frankly a long history. It is not known whether “Academician Chersky” to obtain insurance from an international company. If not, it will allow the Copenhagen ship without insurance to work in its waters. And, apparently, to further ensure, in the West decided to actively enter the game in Poland, occupying the openly hostile to the “Nord stream-2” position.

It is reported that the German authorities allowed to participate in the trial, around the Russian pipeline to the Polish company PGNiG, which commented as follows:
Our inclusion in the proceedings will protect the interests of PGNiG and gas consumers in the course of the procedure of derogation. Nord Stream 2 cannot be privileged.
Warsaw believes that Gazprom is trying to circumvent the requirements of the EU’s Third Energy Package, which threatens to leave the pipeline half empty. In Berlin, in turn, they have already gone to meet Moscow and have thrown an exception to the rule, but the corporation frankly does not fit into certain deadlines.

It should be understood that the Polish side is not involved in the proceedings around Nord Stream-2 in order to facilitate the receipt of a new exception for it.

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