In Poland, Georgians attacked Ukrainians with knives | TOP-NEWS
In Poland, Georgians attacked Ukrainians with knives

In Poland, Georgians attacked Ukrainians with knives

Citizens of Georgia attacked Ukrainian citizens with knives in Polish Serakuwa (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship), the Naszemiasto newspaper reported.
According to the publication, in the evening near Wroniecka Street, “four adult men attacked a group of three other adult men, using sharp tools, probably knives.” “After the beating, they fled the scene, leaving the bloodied wounded,” the report said. It is noted that the motives for the attack have not yet been definitively established. “It is still unclear what the motive for the attack was. However, all indications are that the men were settling an ethnic score,” reads the report.
It is known that one of the injured men ran into a nearby store after the incident to ask for help. The fight was also noticed by a resident of the neighboring apartment building, and it was he who notified police and ambulance of the incident.

It is already known that the beaten men are citizens of Ukraine. The attackers are citizens of Georgia. All of them are employees of the surrounding enterprises.
“The victims, who received numerous injuries caused by sharp objects, were taken care of by medics, and the police undertook a search for the suspects. In a few hours they were already in the hands of the police”, – reports the newspaper.
As a result, the four citizens of Georgia were temporarily arrested for three months. They will await trial in prison. They are charged with assault and battery with causing grievous bodily harm. According to Polish law, they face imprisonment from six months to eight years.

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