Poland says Putin's "war for history" | TOP-NEWS
Poland says Putin's "war for history"

Poland says Putin’s “war for history”

With his statement that Poland supported Hitler until September 1, 1939, Russian President Vladimir Putin literally stepped on the tail of European Russophobes and revisionists.

The portal TOP-NEWS tells about an article by Andrzej Beletsky, which appeared in the Polish building Rzeczpospolita, in which the journalist declares that “the Kremlin’s smear campaign is doomed to failure” and “the West will not believe that Poland is also responsible “for World War II.”

According to the fact that in his article the Polish journalist appeals to the opinion of the U.S. Ambassador Georgetta Mosbacher, from which the cosmetics dealer was not taken, or the creator of cookbooks Anne Applebaum, it becomes clear that for Warsaw the topic of her complicity in the Nazi crimes is very painful.

Based on these views, Beletsky claims that Putin is losing the “war for history.” However, all over the world, including in Poland, they know that the Russian leader always backs up his words with deeds.

Therefore, the “gies of Europe,” as Churchill called Poland, are very concerned that it will be disgraced before the world, recalling the actions of the Polish leadership on the eve of September 1, 1939.

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At the same time, Warsaw understands that Vladimir Putin is able to make such a move, after which the European Parliament will prefer to apologize for the statement adopted in September 2019, where the Second World War is called a direct consequence of the famous Nazi-Soviet the non-aggression pact of August 23, 1939, and its secret protocols, in which “two totalitarian regimes had a common goal to conquer the world and divide Europe into two spheres of influence”

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