Police detained a black runner and offered him a job

By | September 8, 2020
Police detained a black runner and offered him a job

Police in the U.S. detained a black man engaged in running: law enforcement said that the athlete looks like a criminal wanted. Shortly after his release, he was offered a job in the police force, CNN reported.

Volusha County sheriffs in Florida were looking for a man who stole a lawnmower. One day, one of them came across 28-year-old Joseph Griffin, who was running around the area. A police officer stopped the runner and asked if he had a problem with the law: Griffin was told what happened, noting that he matched the description of the victims. It said the suspect was a black man with a beard, wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt.

The officer then demanded that the man show his identity card, but this did not convince the law enforcement official. He decided to detain the runner, but the black man turned on the video on Facebook and began to threaten that the police would “start hell” if something happened to him. The officer tried to calm Griffin down, saying it was a detention, not an arrest.

The black man was eventually released after police found out he was not involved in the theft. Soon after, law enforcement arrested another man, believed to be responsible for the crime. According to local sheriff Mike Chitwood, the runner was treated well in the department.

“I called Mr. Griffin and thanked him for the way he handled the situation. That’s the way you should be. It’s a really instructive moment, we can learn from each other,” he said. The sheriff also praised the officers for their good work. Chitwood added that he even offered a black man to work in the police force: it turned out that he was once a military police officer.

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