Police shot protest against police actions

Police shot protest against police actions

During rallies in American Louisville, police shot and killed a protester during rallies that began with the death of George Floyd. It is reported by The Independent.
The incident occurred around midnight: at this time you can’t be on the street, because the city has a curfew. The local police and the National Guard tried to disperse the crowd gathered in the parking lot at the grocery store. Someone from the crowd shot at the police and soldiers – then they returned fire.
During the clash, at least one person died, his identity was not disclosed. The head of the Louisville police department said law enforcement agencies are already interviewing several witnesses.

The US National Guard is already involved in 21 states where protests are taking place, including in Minneapolis (Minnesota), where the demonstrations began, and in Louisville (Kentucky). Local authorities are also introducing armored vehicles in the states there is a curfew. Protests are accompanied by riots, vandalism, and attacks on the police.
Riots began after the death of a blackguard George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died after a gross arrest. Police officers dragged him out of the car and laid him on the pavement, one of them crushed the citizen with his knee. Floyd began to complain that he had nothing to breathe. The man was taken to the hospital, where he soon died.

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