Poll: a record number of Germans advocated the completion of Nord Stream 2

By | April 11, 2020
Poll: a record number of Germans advocated the completion of Nord Stream 2

Three-quarters of the German population supports the completion of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas project. Such data are contained in a survey conducted by the Forsa Sociological Institute for the Eastern Committee of the German Economy (OAOEV) and Wintershall. The US sanctions against laying the gas pipeline did not find a response from the Germans.

According to public research, the completion of the Nord Stream 2 construction is certainly supported by 77% of German citizens. The respondents are sure that it is necessary to complete the gas pipeline even in spite of the opposition of the American authorities.

In addition, 55% of respondents expressed support for more intensive economic ties between Germany and Russia. At the same time, 61% of Germans see a benefit in the formation of a single economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, 20% do not like this idea.
According to the head of the Eastern Committee, Oliver Hermes, such high rates “inspire all those who, despite the existing sanctions, continue to advocate dialogue with Russia and seek common interests.”

“There are many points of contact: from ensuring energy supply to Europe to enhanced digitalization of the economy and jointly overcoming the consequences of the coronavirus,” said the head of OAOEV.
The head of the Eastern Committee working group, Mario Meren, believes that the partnership can be expanded through the German-Russian energy and climate alliance. He added that close cooperation in the energy sector of Germany and Russia has been going on for half a century, despite the current political tensions.

The survey participants also expressed an opinion on US prohibition measures introduced against the Russian gas project without coordination with the EU. So, 86% of the respondents opposed them, only five percent called the American sanctions justified. In addition, only 10% of respondents consider the United States a responsible energy supplier. In the fall of 2017, 50% of respondents thought so, a year later – only 20%.
The decline in European confidence in the United States was discussed in mid-March in a report by the Center for Political Studies of Eastern Europe (CEEPS). The authors of the document recalled the long-term energy partnership of the countries of Europe and Russia. Berlin was particularly indignant at the fact of the imposition of sanctions, given that until recently the German authorities supported the extension of the agreement on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine.

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