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Poll: More than half of Americans support Trump’s early removal from power

About 90 percent of Democratic supporters support the president’s early resignation, while only 20 percent of Republicans agree with the idea
57 percent of Americans want incumbent President Donald Trump to be removed from power immediately due to his support of a protest last Wednesday that then escalated into an attack by a group of his supporters on the Capitol building that resulted in fatalities. This became known after the publication of the results of a poll conducted by Ipsos agency on behalf of Reuters.

However, Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor of removing Trump from power. Republicans are leaning toward supporting Trump, whose presidential term expires in 11 days, Jan. 20.
A nationwide opinion poll conducted Thursday and Friday also showed that 70 percent of voters who voted for Trump in November condemned the actions of the president’s supporters who stormed the Capitol as lawmakers gathered in a joint session to confirm Joe Biden’s presidential victory.
Capitol building

About 70 percent of those surveyed also said they disapproved of Trump’s actions before his supporters attacked the congressional building. During a rally in Washington Wednesday afternoon, Trump urged his followers to march to Capitol Hill.

The chaos that subsequently erupted on Capitol Hill, which left a police officer and four others dead, has been widely condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike.
Public opinion, the poll showed, is sharply divided according to people’s political preferences, as it has been on almost every important issue during the Trump administration.
While nearly all of those polled condemned the bitter confrontation, it was mostly Democratic supporters who called for Trump’s immediate resignation.
Overall, the majority of Americans who said they want the president to resign early are Democrats. About nine out of every 10 Democrats surveyed said so. Among Republicans, only two in 10 respondents held a similar view.

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About 30 percent of survey participants believe the president should be removed from office under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows the vice president and Cabinet to remove the president if he or she is unable to perform the duties of his or her office.
Capitol building
Another 14% of poll participants said Congress should impeach and remove Trump from office, while 13% believe Trump should simply resign. 12% of respondents support the actions of those involved in the Capitol riots.
79% of respondents, including two-thirds of Republicans and Trump voters, called those involved in the Capitol building invasion either “criminals” or “fools.” Nine percent of survey participants considered them “concerned citizens,” and five percent called these people “patriots.”
The Reuters/Ipsos survey polled 1,005 U.S. residents, including 339 voters who voted for Trump in November.

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