Polls showed Biden’s victory at the first Trump debate.

By | September 30, 2020

U.S. media polls showed that former vice president Joe Biden won the first debate with President Donald Trump. The results have already been published by CNN and CBS.

60% of CNN survey participants concluded that Biden performed much better than Trump (28%) at the debate. Before the debate began, 56% of the same people expected the former vice president to win.
65% of viewers finally came to the conclusion that Biden’s answers were more reliable than Trump’s (29%). The interrogated estimated the attacks of their opponents on each other in approximately the same proportion.

CNN notes that the results of the first debates are similar to 2016 – then Trump debated with Democrat Hillary Clinton and 62% of the interrogated gave victory to her.
Biden’s victory was also shown by the poll of viewers conducted by CBS TV channel. Candidate for presidency got 48% from democrats, Trump – 41%, and 10% more decided that the debates ended in a draw. Republican sociologist Frank Luntz conducted his own poll. His focus-group included 16 voters from undecided states who in general spoke positively about Biden’s behavior and Trump was characterized as “terrible” and “chaotic”.
Even before the first presidential debates began, the electoral headquarters of Donald Trump announced the White House owner's early victory. According to the results of sociological polls, Joe Biden took the lead in the presidential race.
Trump and Biden’s first debate took place in the auditorium of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. All major U.S. TV channels broadcasted the debate. The second debate will take place on October 15 in Miami, the third – on October 22 in Nashville. The presidential elections themselves are scheduled for November 3.