Pompeo called the Trump administration’s Russia policy the toughest

Pompeo called the Trump administration's Russia policy the toughest

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested on Twitter to “talk about Russia” and Washington’s tough policy toward Moscow.
“No administration has treated Russia as harshly as we have,” he said, urging Americans to look at the facts.

Pompeo noted that since 2017 under Donald Trump, the White House has imposed sanctions against more than 365 “targets” in Russia. He drew attention to the fact that Washington has recognized the “Russian Imperial Movement” as a terrorist organization.
In addition, the secretary of state called the “reset button” that Hillary Clinton gave to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in 2009 “silly.”
“The U.S. intends to support its friends, not pamper Moscow,” he added.

As Pompeo noted, U.S. shale gas is “the best way to put pressure on Putin.” He said the United States is developing the oil and gas industry to undermine Russia’s ability to “use energy as a weapon.” The secretary of state did not specify what he was talking about.
He stressed that the U.S. has modernized its armed forces and invested heavily in them. At the same time, Russia knows that “it can’t compete with American firepower,” Pompeo said.
U.S. politicians regularly make anti-Russian statements. Earlier, the secretary of state already called Moscow Washington’s main enemy. Russia then noted that such statements would not help solve domestic U.S. problems, and compared Pompeo’s behavior to “anti-Russian fever.

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