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Pompeo commented on US responsibility for coronavirus

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s claim that the US is responsible for coronavirus puts the whole world at risk.
The United States, against the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus in Iran, has imposed sanctions several times, saying that they are trying to limit Iran’s oil trade and income as much as possible, and accusing Tehran of supporting terrorism. Iran, in turn, accuses the US of “economic terrorism”, as well as the fact that Washington is interfering with the medical equipment and medicines necessary to combat the coronavirus.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said earlier that humanitarian aid for Iran in the light of the coronavirus is not subject to sanctions, the United States is ready to provide it.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said there is a shortage of US drugs to fight the coronavirus and rejected help from the United States as the country accused of creating COVID-19. He did not directly indicate that the United States created the coronavirus, but mentioned that such accusations against Washington exist.

Ali Khamenei’s invention that the US is responsible for the Wuhan virus puts Iranians, Americans and the rest of the world at risk, ”Pompeo wrote on Twitter.
The US secretary of state said Iran’s leadership “ignored repeated warnings from its health officials and denied the first death from the Wuhan virus for at least nine days.”
“The regime continues to lie to the Iranian people and the world about the number of cases and deaths,” said Pompeo.
At the same time, he noted that Iranian officials stole over a billion euros intended for medical supplies, and continue to desperately hide the necessary masks, gloves, and equipment for sale on the black market.

The World Health Organization on March 11 announced an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 with a pandemic. According to the latest WHO data, more than 292 thousand people are infected in the world, over 12.7 thousand have died.

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